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          Charity Brings the Greatest Happiness

          Except engaging in core business and shareholders’ benefits, Coland also makes an effort for CSR (corporate social responsibility). What we have done include contributing money donation for supporting elementary schools in remote area to improve their school buildings, and establishing related foundation.
          What we have done

          May, 2014

          On May 2014, we donated RMB 160,000 as scholarships to 40 students who came from poor family.

          April 19, 2013

          On 19 April 2013, we donated RMB 1.2 million to the “New Bio-Tech Agriculture Demonstration Project” in Yunnan Province, with an aim to help the local development of agriculture.

          10 February , 2012

          On 10 February 2012, a charitable reception was held and a total of RMB 788,580 was raised, which was used in the projects of “Passing of Loving Care”,“Recovery Education for Autistic Children”, “Help for Orphan and Disabled Children”, “Love in Winter – Help the Old”, “Help Children Burned”, “Charity for Schooling”,“Century Legal Aid Channel” “Century Legal-aid Hotline” and “Sunshine to Love Autism”.


          In 2008, the employees and business partners of the Company donated RMB700,000 to build an educational buildling at Yu Long Elementary School at East Town, Dongfang City, Hainan Province, and raised over RMB 600,000 and other goods and materials through charitable auctions to improve the students’ living.