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          Corporate Governance
          Board of Directors
          Title Name Education and Experience
          Chairman William Robert Keller

          Vice President of Roche Brazil Ltd.
          General Manager of Roche Colombia Ltd.
          General Manager of Roche China Ltd.

          Director Wei Jian Min

          Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine
          Harbin Pharmaceutical Group
          Director and CEO of Heilongjiang Province Tongze Pharmaceutical Company Limited

          Director Ye Xiao Ping

          Univerisity of Oxford, PhD in Immunology
          Chief Medical Officer, Roche China Ltd.

          Director Tsao Johua

          National Taiwan University, Dept of Economics
          Finance & Accounting MBA, University of Chicago
          Financial Analyst Manager, P&G Taiwan
          Finance Head, Dairy Farm North Asia

          Independent Director Shen Jen Lin

          Masters in Economics, National Chung Hsin University
          Deputy Manager & Manager, International Dept, YFY
          CFO, TSMC
          Director, CFO and SVP, Systex
          CFO, Motech

          Independent Director Chang Li Yen

          University of Wisconsin, PhD in Bacteriology
          Associate Professor, New York University School of Medicine
          Applied Microbiology Inc, Head of R&D
          Researcher, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
          Researcher & Deputy Executive Officer, DCB
          COO, ScinoPharm

          Independent Director Chen Li

          Iowa State University, Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry
          CEO, Hua Medicine
          CSO, Roche R&D Center (China) Ltd.