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          Company Profile


          Stock Code 4144 Industry Type Biotechnology and Medical Care
          Company Name Coland Holdings Limited Symbol Coland-KY
          Market Type TWSE-Listed Date of Listing 2011 / 10 / 05
          Chairman William Keller General Manager Wei Jiang Min
          Date of Establishment 2010 / 03 / 23 Capital NT$771,390,000
          Tel +86-2154681666 Fax +86-2164185699
          Website http://www.fam-ily.com Email colandpharma@colandpharma.com
          Principal Activities Pharmaceutical development and sales
          Principal Office 1F., No.866, Halei Road., Zhangjiang High Technology Park., PuDong, Shanghai, China
          Stock Transfer Agent The Transfer Agency Department of Chinatrust Commercial Bank Auditors Ernst & Young