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    16E1+ETH PDH Multiplexer

    1-16E1 Fiber Optical Multiplexer is a kind of fiber-optic communication device which can use fiber to transport 1~16 E1 signal in the meantime efficiently and can test the used E1 automatically. The flexible circuit test and the indication function has a simple single panel form, which provides ?10M/100M Ethernet ports(optional) and a office phone port (optional), raising applied flexibility also in the meantime enlarge the utilization of the fiber optic.

    Product desription

    16E1+Ethernet fiber optical multiplexer is point-to-point optical transmission equipment developed based on ultra large scale integrated circuit. Have perfect alarm function, data office telephone optional, full data electro circuit, high reliability and stabilization, low power consumption, high integration, small bulk, easy installation and maintenance. The device is popularly with telecommunication operator. It is suitable in business for communication operator, government and kinds of entities.

    Product character

    • (1) Provide 1 Ethernet interface (support VLAN, flow control, and self- negotiation; full/semi duplex, 10M/100M optional)

    • (2) Can provide at most 16 E1 channels transmission transparently, and 1 100M Ethernet 

    data channel.  

    • (3) Provide function of E1 remote loop, order Ethernet remote loop, fiber local loop, and 1 interface of phone(optional).  

    • (4)Jitter tolerance much better than GB. 

    • (5) Power supply option: AC220V, DC-48V. The positive and negative terminal can be exchanged for DC-48V, easy for installation and maintenance.

    • (6)Network manager interface use SNMP.

    • (7)Two types: Standalone, desktop, 19inch; Card, usually be inserted in our rack 19 inch.  


    E1 interface

    Interface Rate: 2.048Mbps+-50PPM Coding: HDB3 Interface signal coding: ITU-T G.703 E1 Impedance: BNC 75?(unbalance), RJ45 120?(balance)

    Interface character: match G.703 Jitter tolerance, match G.742 and G.823.

    Fiber interface

    Interface: FC/SC Wavelength: 850nm/1310nm multi-mode, 1310nm/1550nm single mode.

    Transmit distance: 2 Km for multi-mode, 40 Km/60Km/120Km for single mode.

    Rate: 10/100Mbps Interface character: match IEEE802.3, IEEE802.1 Q


    485 mmL×140 mmW× 44 mmH


    Power supply

    AC220V: input voltage AC 180V260V

    DC-48V: input voltage -36V-72V


    Operation Condition

    Voltage: AC180V ~ 260V; DC –48V; DC +24V

    Consumption: ≤5W

    Operating temperature: 0°C~50°C

    Storing temperature: -40°C~+70°C

    Relative humidity: 95 %

    Without disturbance of erosive and solvent gas, raising dust or strong magnetic field

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