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                RS232/RS485/RS422 Optical Modems realize transmission of one channel RS232/RS485/RS422 on single mode fiber.

                     Product description

                RS232/RS485/RS422 Optical Modems realize transmission of one channel RS232/RS485/RS422 on single mode fiber. This kind of product has solved the problem of contradiction between communication distance and communication rate of traditional serial port. At the same time, it also has solved the problem of electromagnetic interference, earth link disturbance and thunder/lightning destruction, thus greatly enhancing reliability, security and privacy of data communication.  It can be widely used in various kinds of situations such as control, process control and transportation control, and especially suited in bank, electric power as well as departments and systems which have special request to the electromagnetic interference environment.



                Based on self copyright IC.

                RS485 creates receive and send signal automatically.

                RS232/485/422 interface can be optional by dip switch.

                Serial port supports 0-115.2KBps baud rate auto-negotiation.

                Combination of PDH technology and digital lock loop clock technology.

                Unique serial port for circuit protection, supporting hot-plugging.

                Data transmission is stable and reliable with integrated light-receiving and transmitting module.

                Complete surface paste and install craft,  grade design, and production-runs with piece-pasting machine.


                Parameter and Specifications

                Optical interface:

                Wavelength: single-mode 850nm/1310nm/1550nm/multi-mode for option

                Diameter of fiber core: 50~62.5μm for multi-mode

                Diameter of fiber core: 8.3μm for single mode

                Fiber core number: double core/single core for option

                Sending consumption-9dBm/-5dBm

                Transmitting range: 0-50km/120km for option

                Receiving sensitivity <-36dBm (BER <10-11)

                Optical codeCMI



                RS232/RS485/RS422 Interface:
                asynchronous mode, 0115200bps auto-negotiation

                Characteristicsatisfies ITU-T V.24 V.11 standard


                Operation Environment

                VoltageAC180V ~ 260V;DC –48V;DC +24V


                Operating temperature0°C~50°C

                Storing temperature-40°C~+70°C

                Relative humidity 95 %

                No causticity and solvent, dust free, and no strong magnetic interference.