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    This fiber modem has a 10/100Base-T Ethernet interface and standard V.35 interface to fiber, provide rate of 1984k V.35 rate and Ethernet. Can realize the network: E1 multiplexer---E1 modem---fiber multiplexer

    Product character:

    Having two row of LEDs, upper row indicate local status, lower row indicate remote status and alarm status.

    Based on self –copyright IC

    Can compose the network of E1 multiplexer and E1 fiber modem and fiber optical multiplexer

    The total rate of V.35 and Ethernet is 2048Kbps, after setting the rate of one channel, that of another will be assigned automatically.

    Realize the local-end equipment command the far-end equipment automatic rate following.

    Provide four clocks: optical master clock, optical line clock, V.35 master clock, V.35 external clock

    Provide 3 loop functions: optical line self-loop at local end, V.35/Ethernet interface self-loop, order remote V.35/Ethernet loop.

    Have pseudo random code test function, convenient for opening of the circuit, and can be used as an error code instrument

    Can end-link with DTE and DCE equipment

    Ethernet interface 10M/100M,full half duplex self adapt,support VLAN.

    Ethernet interface restoration automatically and equipment will not die.

    AUTO-MDIX(straight and cross over self adapt

    Technical specification:

    10/100Bast-T interface

    Interface Rate: 10/100Mbps

    Interface character: match IEEE802.3,IEEE802.1Q


    Clock:G.703 resume clock,inter and exter clock


    Fiber interface

    Interface: FC/SC

    Dynamic receiving rang:16dBm

    Wavelenth: 850nm/1310nm multi-mode, 1310nm/1550nm single mode.

    Transmit distance: 2 Km multi-mode, 40 Km/60Km/120Km single mode


    V.35 interface
    Interface Rate: n*64Kbps(n=1-31)
    Interface character: match V.35.
    Connector: DB25 male/female optional.
    Interface type: DCE.
    Clock: G.703 resume clock, internal /external clock.


    213mmw*138mml*30 mmh

    Working environment 

    power supply AC220V;AC 110V ;DC –48V;DC +24V
    power consumption ≤5W
    working temperature: 0°C ~ 50°C
    storage temperature: -40°C ~ +70°C
    humidity 95 %

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